Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Galaxy Dollars Soccer Team... The Rest of Season One

*Originally Posted May, 2007*

Hello all! I hope that all of you have enjoyed the previous Galaxy Dollars blog dealios... but I thought it was time to finally wrap up this purticular Galaxy Dollars Coffee saga... So here we stand at the last chapter in the "Galaxy Dollars Soccer Team" blog dealio. But don't fret, be sad... or anything else that involves not... happiness. For there will be more Galaxy Dollar blogs in the future to lift your chin, your spirits and... your car? But until then enjoy, "The Galaxy Dollars Soccer Team... The Rest of Season One".

We were one game in, and it was already a long season... With the smashing defeat of our first game so fresh on our minds all we could do was make excuses about how they won. Ranging from rumors that they cheated to... they won because they had jerseys. The rumors of no sense started to pile up, and I guess no one stopped to think for a moment that we were why we lost! Yes us, with our bad playing skills, blue shin guards, and balding player. But deep down, I had a feeling that we all knew the truth... we just didn't want to say it. With the seasons start practices ceased, and it was now up to each individual to better his or her self on the field... right. The outcomes of the next three games we played were no different from the first, what with the: moderate to horrible losses, lack of deodorant usage, and wearing white t-shirts because we still had no real jerseys.

We knew something had to change... and it did. Our jerseys came in! It was true, I received a call from Singing Soccer Face telling me of the good news that our white jerseys had come in. Unfortunately, that news was proceeded with the news that the sizes of the jerseys were wrong and they would be as tight as a... tight piece of clothing. And indeed they were... We tried to get the company that sent us the wrong sizes to fix their problem, but they said it would take a little time before they were able to get the new sizes to us. Nevertheless, we the players of the team, thought that the jerseys would help us of the field. So, for the next four games we played with the uncomfortably tight jerseys... which was fine for the girls of the team...*ahem*... because most women wear their shirts tight anyway. But for the guys... well, it felt like we were... not straight. (not that there's anything wrong with that)

As you may have figured out by now we lost all of the aforementioned games. For the players of the team it was beginning to be a painful thing to go to soccer night. Mostly because it always had the same outcome... Show up pumped, start the game... leave with another loss. We were now 0-8, and the hope that burned bright at the beginning of the season was about gone. Every time we would step foot on the field the other team knew they were walking out with a victory... The problem was... we didn't know, and that's what hurt. Then it happened... The break we had been waiting for! The balding player started to grow hair! j/k... Our new, new jerseys came in! These, were the right sizes! And what's even better is the fact that they were jet black! Now things would be different, because we were no longer the "Tight jerseyed angelic Galaxy Dollars soccer team", we were now the "Black jerseyed Galaxy Dollars soccer team of death"! The first game we played with the new jerseys we won... and not just won, but, really won. 14 to 2 to be exact. But alas, it t'was a fluke... for we didn't win another game for the remainder of the season, we did manage to tie the next game, but that was pretty much it. We ended our season 1-12-1... but we learned so many life lessons that it was all worth it... (a star with a rainbow trail flashes past and reads, "The More You Know")...*darn NBC*

Well, that is the end of season one. Perhaps there will be a season two, but the way we played maybe not. Anyways, thanks for reading..."The Galaxy Dollars Soccer Team" blog dealio, check back semi soon for new Galaxy Dollars blog updates!


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